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Community Support

Community Support

Did you know we need your help? 


Did you know the La Ronge Ice Wolves Hockey Club (Club) is operated by the Northern Lights Development Corporation Inc; a non-profit organization?  This means that the Club uses any surplus revenues to achieve its goals and self-preservation rather than distributing them as profits or dividends. 


Did you know in 2004, the Town of La Ronge, Village of Air Ronge, and Lac La Ronge Indian Band entered into an Agreement with the Club’s original founder to retire the indebtedness?  This means that the Club is collectively owned by its members.  All members of the Club are welcome at Board meetings and are instrumental to the sustainability of the Club.


Did you know that all monies advanced by the Town, Village and Band are repayable on demand, without interest?  The Board of Directors appreciates that the loan must be repaid if the Club ever folds or moves.  The Board has prioritized sponsorship, marketing, and fundraising to ensure 1) operations of the Club; 2) expansion of the Club; and 3) repayment of all long term debt.


Did you know for $2.00/ year you can become a member of the Club which entitles you to:

  1. The right to attend and participate in all decisions at any General Meeting and at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, including the power to vote on all issues as brought forward at the Annual General Meeting and at any General Meeting.
  2. The right to attend all or any open Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors with no voting privileges.
  3. The right to be elected as a Director of the Club if he/she has been a paid up member in good standing, and, the right to be nominated to hold office.


Did you know that as a community member you can help support your team? 


You can help support the team financially:

1.  Maintaining membership to the Club for $2.00 / year

– email  

2.  Buying Cash Calendars

– contact Penny Schooley at 306-425-2625

3.  Buying Hockey Squares

– contact Margaret Floch at 306-425-2343

4.  Buying Trip of the Month Tickets

5.  Becoming a corporate partner

6.  Donating to the Club with a personal donation

                                 – contact any Board member.


You can support the team through participation:

1.  Attending home games

2.  Volunteering at any promotional event including Howl N Growl, Children’s Festival, Elks Fair, Boat Derby, Golf Tournaments etc.

3.  Volunteering at home games by working security, ticket and program sales, selling 50-50, concession or bar. 

– contact Penny Schooley at 306-425-2625 or any Board Member.


What can I volunteer for?

We have a lot of different volunteer opportunities like:

  • Selling 50/50 tickets
  • Programs
  • A&L Shootout tickets
  • Security
  • Food Booth in the Ice Wolves Lounge
  • Off ice Officials
  • On-Line Stats
  • PA Announcing
  • Singing the National Anthem
  • Booster Club
  • Board Member

If you want to volunteer, the Ice Wolves would be honoured and would find something for you to do