Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

SJHL & Canterra Seeds announce Golden Sheaf program

Regina, SK, January 22, 2024 — Canterra Seeds and the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) have launched a unique program that aims to shine a spotlight on how growing up on a farm can be instrumental in giving developing hockey players the foundation they need to be successful in the league and beyond.

“Ask any hockey coach what sets the top players apart from the rest of the pack and you can bet ‘work ethic’ will be the number one answer,” says Brent Derkatch, President and CEO of Canterra Seeds. “Ask any farm kid what they learned growing up on the farm was and you can bet ‘work ethic’ will be the number one answer.”

The Golden Sheaf Program was developed by the two organizations to share the stories of Saskatchewan-born hockey players who are finding success in the league because of the life skills they learned growing up on the farm.

“Just look at one of the many Saskatchewan players that have made it to the NHL over the years and more often than not they have a background in agriculture,” says Kyle McIntyre, SJHL Commissioner. “It’s not hard to find that connection, but until the launch of this program with Canterra Seeds is not something that has gotten much attention,” he says.

Bringing attention to how experience growing up on the farm can translate to success in almost any career path one chooses to take is something near and dear to Derkatch’s heart. When he was named President and CEO of the company last October, he attributed much of his success to his experience of working beside his dad on the farm.

“When we partnered with the SJHL last year with the launch of the Canterra Seeds Cup, we said it was just the start of what we want to do with this partnership,” says Derkatch. “The Golden Sheaf program is a great opportunity for us to help the league share its stories and demonstrate how they are weaved into the deep tradition of agriculture in Saskatchewan.”

“One of the first things the league did shortly after I became commissioner was make a commitment to ensure that Saskatchewan players are provided every opportunity to play, develop, and move forward in their hockey ambitions right here in Saskatchewan,” says McIntyre.

“Through the Golden Sheaf program, we aim to show young players that are working toward the next step in
their development how others before them have been able to play here, stay here,” he says.

For Interview Requests with Brent Derkatch: Krista Gagne, Communications Lead,, 204-451-6358

For Interview Requests with Kyle McIntyre: Jacob Faith, Director of Marketing and Partnerships,, 306-551-3882