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A huge heartfelt thank you goes out to the Proulx family and the Community of La Ronge. Marlee Proulx and Steve Proulx, and family-you welcomed our son and took care of him as your own. We can never thank you enough.

This has been a remarkable experience. From a parent’s perspective, not only has your community cared for our son, but you have all also shown this “city slicker” kid from the Park some of the greatest sights and experiences one can have in this beautiful country of ours.

Ice fishing, kayaking, sledding, fish fries….are just a few of the many, many wonderful gifts and experiences you have shared. Absolutely priceless. Thank you to the schools, the community groups and minor hockey association for inviting Luke to your activities and involving him. Your community is breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing in your culture and heritage.

To the neighbouring billet families and friends that have welcomed and I’m sure- fed him – a huge thank you to all of you.
To the Chaplain and congregations – thank you for your shared faith and prayers. It meant a lot that he was welcomed into your church and you were there to lend an ear.

Special thanks to Mr. Malsbury for your enthusiasm and great play by play. We will continue to tune in and cheer everyone on.
Big hugs to Rita at Home Hardware for your extra support and having a soft spot for the goalie.

A special shout out to the concession for your great baking and big thanks to the arena staff.

To the fantastic-supportive fans, Team staff, and Ice Wolves Board- a huge thank you for everything.

You’ll all forever be part of our family. Our home is always open should any of you find yourselves in our neck of the woods.  ❤️

Thank you for everything,
Lush Family


Hi Everyone! Wish we could have made it up there tonight, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank the people that made our time with the LaRonge Ice Wolves such a great experience.

First of all… to Shawn Martin for giving the boys an opportunity to play hockey at the Junior level. Without him and a few scouts the boys would have never had this chance.

To Eric Bell… for keeping things going, even through some very tough times. Your dedication to this organization is undeniable.

To the Schooley’s, Fiske’s, Skalicky’s, Betty Kopek, Blair & Ros DeBruin, and numerous others in the Ice Wolves organization… for the great chats at the games and for making us feel welcome whenever we were in LaRonge, and a special thanks to the Merriman’s as well, for the great parties, shuffleboard games and driving the bus on all those long road trips.

To the coaching staff…for helping the boys gain the knowledge and experience for the Junior game. Even though it’s only 1 step up from AAA, it’s still a huge transition.

To the players… for being great team-mates… whether winning or losing, both on and off the ice.

And… to the best play-by-play guy in the league! Thanks Braden for the great broadcasts and making even the most boring games sound exciting. If you ever need a job, come to the Battlefords, cause their guy sucks! We’ll miss those great sayings…from “tickling the twine”, and “chucking the skin hammers”, to “putting it where Lynette Merriman keeps the cookies.”   Keep up the good work Maulsey! You have a great future ahead of you.

There’s been some great players that we’ve had the pleasure to watch over the past couple years…. Kris Joyce, Matty Painchaud, Dave Randall and Cole Porter just to name a few. We’d especially like to take this opportunity to thank Bryce as well, for being there for the boys during the last couple years and opening his home to many of the other players as well.

And lastly…we’d like to thank Evan Vossen for giving 2 twenty year olds a chance to make a run in the playoffs. To Evan and the players coming back, we are hoping and crossing our fingers that you all can turn things around. The league needs it, but especially the community of LaRonge needs it! We hope to see you all again on the hockey trail and best of luck next season! We’ll be watching!

These last 2 ½ years we will treasure and never, ever forget.

Yours truly… Roger, Lisa, Joel & Jared Blaquiere


I spent two years playing with the Ice Wolves. My time spent in La Ronge was some of the most fun I have had playing hockey. The community is highly supportive of the Ice Wolves and very welcoming of all players. I was very fortunate to have great billets, who became a second family to me. I really enjoy the outdoors and was fortunate to be able to spend a significant amount of time snowmobiling, ice fishing, golfing, and visiting my billet’s cabin. The organization and its respective staff treated me very well and provided all the resources to take my game to the next level. The rink was accessible nearly at all times to allow us to workout, review game footage, and get some extra ice time. Playing hockey in small community such as La Ronge allowed us teammates to spend a lot of time together golfing, playing poker, fishing, and more, strengthening our bond as a team. Some of my better friends came from playing with the Ice Wolves. My Favourite memories from playing in La Ronge were spending time on the lake, northern fishing trips, beating Flin Flon, the poker derby, and most importantly playing in front of the loud fans every night in the Mel Hegland. La Ronge helped shape me into the individual I have become today. I am very fortunate to have spent the time I did with the Ice Wolves.


Playing for the Ice Wolves was one of the best Jr hockey experiences I could have asked for. The organization is full of people who are passionate about the team and its players. Coming out of AA I didn’t know if I was going to be able to play Jr. Hockey at all. The Wolves gave me an opportunity to prove myself and develop not only as a player but as a person. I spent all three of my years in La Ronge and was fortunate enough to be a part of two SJHL Championships, as well as an appearance at the RBC Cup. After my career for the Wolves was over, I was fortunate enough to attend the Southern Alberta Institute of Technologies in Calgary and play for their Men’s Varsity hockey team on an athletic scholarship for the next 4 years. I owe that opportunity to the Ice Wolves for giving me the skills and development to continue my hockey career to the collegiate level.


My time in La Ronge was great. Starting off my career winning a championship was definately the highlight of my career. Also being apart of back to back record setting seasons for the organization was amazing. The Mel is hands down the best place to play when we have fans rocking the building. I also had the honour of playing for Coach Beatty for 3 years, and i learnt alot playing for him. I had great billets, Kevin and Jen Radloff, who opened their house to me and let me be apart of their family. The people and volunteers i met there were amazing and will always have a place in my heart.

Myles Hovdebo #34 2010/13


High performance and successes in sport is similar to life.  There are a combination of key ingredients that come together to allow us to be successful.   Part of these ingredients come from within ourselves, part come from our surroundings.  When surrounded by support, passion, leadership and integrity its hard not to bring the best out in you. With those aforementioned ingredients, athletes have an opportunity to grow into mature young adults and better perform at hockey. Having played with The LaRonge Ice Wolves I have the highest regard for the organization and the community.  My billets were phenomenal, they extended their doors and treated me as their own, providing me with unending support for what ever was needed. The coaching staff were diligent, tireless workers who cared about the players, their experiences and how they were achieving, both on and off the ice. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in LaRonge and couldn’t have asked for a better place or team to finish my junior career off with!


Spencer Brennan #10 2012/13


In December of 2008  I was moved to La Ronge from the Melfort Mustangs and I had no idea what to expect of the town and the community. Being a northern town in Saskatchewan other players from around the league said that La Ronge would not be half the fun for me as Melfort was, well, they were all wrong. After playing a season and a half and spending the majority of the past two years in La Ronge I am proud to say it is my home away from home. The community is so supportive of the Ice Wolves and all of the billets are amazing. My billets in particullar were unbelivable, Dawna and Brian Olsen are family to me now they treated me like there own son,  I keep in close touch with them and I plan to visit them many times in the future.  La Ronge is probably the nicest town in the SJHL, it is built right into the forest and it is on the shore line of the re-known Lac La Ronge.  Our team spent countless hours after practice and on weekends fishing, boating, snowmobiling, and ice fishing and we had a blast doing it. I am being completly honest when I say that I wouldn’t have chosen anywhere else to play in the leauge. The town was so good to me over the last two seasons and the memories and friends I have made there will be with me forever.  Thank you La Ronge.


Sincerly, Ben Findlay #7,   2008-2010 


My first year in La ronge was an interesting experience. After an unknown future going into the 2008-2009 season, I ended up in pretty much the furthest reaches of Saskatchewan. And for living in the city of Calgary for most of my life, it was a bit of a culture shock. But if it was not for that turn of events I would never have met the Brown family. By the end of the first day of living there I had felt already like I was apart of the family. It did not take long to connect to a point where I could call them family. Even though that season we finished dead last in the province, I still had a great experience both on and off the ice.


That summer I had a few opportunities to move teams. And with the losing season before, some looked promising.  But I can honestly say that I knew, I could not get a better coach or fit in with a better family. And for those two reasons I went back to La Ronge for the 2009-2010 season. We ended up winning the SJHL Championship and going to the National Championships leaving me with memories I will never forget along with people I will call my family for the rest of my life.


Dan Conacher #15,   2008-2010