Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Poker Derby Results

The Ice Wolves annual Poker Derby was another great success.  Almost 400 hands were sold.  The snowmobilers were a little cold, but each stop on the lake had a fire going, which allowed everybody to warm up and enjoy some fellowship.  The Ice Wolves Organization would like to thank the sponsors, the checkpoint hosts, all the volunteers and the riders and people who bought ghost hands to make it a great winter day.

Congrats to the winners as well

  • Allison Thompson – Full House (6C, 6H, 6D, 5S, 5C)
  • Dallas Everest – Full House (2H, 2S, 2H, KH, KC)
  • Rhonda Vancoughnett – Straight (6S, 5C, 4D, 3H, 2H)
  • Cecile Gardewine – Nomakee (Worst Hand – side bet) (9H, 8H,3D, 2D, AH)

Click on the file below for all the winners and all the hands